Kerala Fencing Association was formed on 01.05.1996 and applied for affiliation of the FAI. The Certificate of Affiliation dated 05.04.1998 and 17.08.2005 were received from FAI on 10.04.1998 and 25.08.2005 respectively. The FAI had addressed the Kerala Sports Council for according recognition in its letter dated 08.07.1996. The Secretary, Kerala Sports Council, had directed the KFA to furnish certain informations with documentary evidence to satisfy the terms and conditions stipulated by KSC for recognition of State Sports Associations. These details were furnished to the Council on 14.04.1998. The Rules and Regulations governing the functioning of the KFA were got registered under TC Charitable Societies Act on 14.01.1998 at the District Registrar Office, Ernakulam. KFA had participated in all the National senior, junior and sub junior championships organized by the FAI since 1998. Kerala Fencing Teams had won medals in all these Championships. Kerala State is placed in the rank of 1 to 4 in every National Competitions in the category of Senior Women, Junior and Sub Junior Girls.

The General Body meeting of the members of the Kerala State Sports Council held on 11.04.2007 at the Government Guest House, Trivandrum had finally accorded recognition to Kerala Fencing Association after protracted correspondence with KSSC for 10 years. Kerala State keeps below 4th position in all the National Fencing Championships since 1988. There are 14 District Fencing Associations affiliated to Kerala Fencing Association.

Kerala Fencing Association is regularly conducting State Championships (Inter-District) every year since 1988 for senior, juniors, cadets and sub juniors for men and women as well as for boys and girls under the following age groups in various categories of competitions.

Mini below years of age-since 2013
Sub Juniors below 14 years of age
Cadets below 17 years of age
Juniors below 20 years of age
Seniors above 20 years

The State Association could achieve better national ranking if imported quality Fencing equipments and costumes are provided to them with adequate training.

Our Fencers would definitely achieve top ranks in National Competitions if latest types of imported swords and costumes with its sophisticated accessories are imported and supplied to them with intensive coaching.

Our dreams are bigger, our ambitions higher, our commitment deeper and our efforts are greater. Let us join hand to attain greater success in every sphere to make the game itself, as the biggest winner.

Our Mentor

M.M.Abdul Rahiman IPS

Kerala Fencing Association

Kerala Fencing Association

Kerala Fencing Association