Pursuant to the recommendation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) 2000 Reform Commission, all sport organizations are encouraged to form Athletes Commission/ Committee.

The mission of our Athletes Committee is to represent the involvement of athletes in the administration of KFA. KFA Athletes Committee shall be composed of total 7/8* fencers; 6 regular fencers, one fencer from wheelchair fencing* and one fencer nominated by the KFA Executive Council.

Election for the Athletes Committee shall be held during Senior State Championship, every four years (in the same year as the KFA’s election year). KFA will call for nomination for election one month prior to the Senior State Championship. The candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • must be an active fencer, having participated in the previous State Championship in any category
  • must be nominated by his/her District Fencing Association
  • must be 16years of age or above at the time when the election takes place
  • must not have been sanctioned for a doping / disciplinary offence

Each Member Association can nominate only a single fencer for the Athletes Committee (with exception for the nominee of KFA Executive Council and Wheelchair fencer). After screening the nominations, the name of qualified candidates will be announced before the commencing of Senior State Championship. Elections will be held by ballot on the second day of Championship. The candidates who have received the highest number of votes will be elected. In case of a tie, the KFA President will cast the decisive vote.

Athletes are only eligible to serve the Athletes Committee for a maximum of two terms. During Annual General Assembly of KFA, the Chairperson of Athletes Committee or a chosen representative should make a presentation regarding the concerns and other relevant matters of athletes. He/ she is also eligible to vote in the elections of KFA.

*Athlete Committee election will be held in the same year as the next KFA election.